Against homophobia in Poland

Bigots, hypocrites and religious fanatics unleashed the frightening „fashion” for creating „LGBT free zones” in cities, municipalities, counties and entire provinces in Poland.

The current president and at the same time presidential candidate Duda announced „a ban on the preaching of LGBT ideology in public institutions.” Like Putin in Russia.

One of the most fanatical and vulgar politicians of the ruling party clarified „Poland without LGBT is beautiful.” As in the 1930s, Polish fascists shouted „Poland without Jews”.

It’s me #jestemLGBT. We LGBT are non-heterosexual and transgender people. We are lesbians, we are gay, we are bisexual, transgender, asexual, queer, pansexual, intersex and nonbinary. We are people, not an ideology.

The ruling party and the ruling president declared war on us. After the shameful words of Andrzej Duda, after the shameful words of Joachim Brudzinski, let no one ever dare call me to moderation in what I write and say.

Enough. We are LGBT people. We are here in Poland. We were, we are and we will be. We will fight for respect, equity, equality and support from the state. Because this is also our state, our Poland, our homeland.

We are here. We are queer. And you finally have to get used to it.