My support for Margot (riots 7/08 in Warsaw)

I wholeheartedly support the activities of Margot and queer and anti-fascist collectives, including Stop Bzdurom.

In the face of a repressive police action inspired by hate, the only solution is to protest, protest and shout loudly in defense of non-heteronormative and transgender people. We can’t hide and wait. We have to protest against the repressive actions of the police and prosecutors.

In the US in the 1980s and 1990s, right-wing politicians and religious fanatics shouted that AIDS was „gay cancer” and that homosexuality was a fatal disease. The queer community responded with demonstrations full of joy and life (as well as fighting for the right to pursue one’s sexuality). And to the hate speech of Reagan and then Bush (and his Iraqi quarrel), the collectives responded with performative protests, which, of course, the right-wingers called „provocation.”

But for fascists, religious fanatics and rightists, our very existence is a provocative.

Dear queer people! It won’t be worse. The Polish ruling party decided to capitalize on the political capital on fascist patterns of struggle with those they considered „non-citizens”, „non-Poles” and „non-people” (as confirmed by the incumbent president). It won’t be worse.

It’s time to fight. We are here. We are queer. And we will fight those who want to annihilate our presence.